I am Róbert Pataki, a Creative Technologist with 9+ years experience in Flash technologies and 5+ years experience in the creative advertising field after having worked at several online advertising agencies in London and in Budapest.

Specialising mainly in the development of rich media content, using Flash to produce interactive banners, widgets, games and microsites and also having the experience in design and planning IA, UX and UI for interactive content.

Lately I am using my Flash programming and design skills to learn all the magic of Front-End Development and I am loving it!

Below you can see my latest and favourite projects I've worked on up to date.

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Latest projects

Developing skills

Expert knowledge of...

  • Building interactive content such as multimedia discs, microsites, widgets, games and banners
  • Creating programmatic animation and transition techniques using AS and JS
  • Implementing user interaction tracking technologies such as Google Analytics, Omniture, DoubleClick and Webtrends
  • Using Flash utilities such as SWFAddress, SWFObject and SWFFit
  • Graphics, video and sound optimisation for the web and mobile devices

Advanced knowledge of...

  • OOP coding and design patterns in ActionScript 2 and 3
  • Using XML, JQuery, HTML, CSS, PHP and MySQL languages and related software
  • Code optimization, code refactoring and bug fixing
  • Using FlashLite to develop interactive content for mobile devices such as Symbian phones and XBox
  • Using opensource ActionScript, PHP and Javascript libraries and frameworks such as pureMVC, the Gaia Flash Framework - and open source software such as FlashDevelop, SVN and Git

Intermediate and growing knowledge of...

  • Using social networking APIs, the WE7 API, the Brightcove API and BEML

Getting into...

  • Responsive design and progressive enhancement
  • Backbone.js, NodeJS, OOP JavaScript
  • Experimenting with HTML and JavaScript frameworks

Designing skills

Expert knowledge of...

  • Designing interactive content such as multimedia discs, microsites, widgets, games and banners
  • Designing UI for websites, microsites, widgets, applications and games

Advanced knowledge of...

  • Designing IA and UX for any interactive content
  • Font editing and managing software such as Fontlab Studio 5 and Font Navigator
  • Social media, marketing and communication

Intermediate and growing knowledge of...

  • Branding and corporate identity guidelines
  • Print design and production


  • Working well as part of a team but also have the ability to work under my own initiative
  • A great communicator with good project management skills
  • I am able to solve problems quickly and efficiently
  • Highly capable of finding new solutions, techniques and technologies
  • Having a strong ability to learn from others and share the knowledge
  • Extremely proactive and flexible whilst maintaining a high level of attention to detail
  • Very passionate about exceeding client expectations
  • Notably organised with the naming and structuring of files/folders and layers
  • A pixel and anchor point perfectionist
  • I played with Lego until the age of 15

Personal interests

  • Enjoying a good challenge especially being involved in a challenging project
  • Highly interested in every aspect of user-centered design
  • I enjoy taking pictures of odd and/or ordinary things. I have been published in two books with my Faces everywhere, friends everywhere project recently (Faces in Places, Focus: Found Faces)
  • Sometimes I create clay characters and marker paintings
  • I love to learn and experiment
  • Using Getting Things Done (GTD) and the Action Methods for my personal and professional tasks
  • Sharing my experiments and open source projects with the community
  • Listening to music all the time and travelling and socialising whenever I have the opportunity

Clients I've created something awesome for:

  • Sega logo
  • Square Enix logo
  • Microsoft logo
  • Sony logo
  • Honda logo
  • Volksbank logo
  • CIB Bank logo
  • Nivea logo
  • Radisson logo
  • Opel logo
  • Disney Interactive logo
  • Turner Broadcasting logo
  • Polydor logo
  • Paramount logo
  • Volkswagen logo
  • British Gas logo
  • Eon logo
  • Telenor logo
  • Djuice logo
  • Audi logo

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